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Rainbow Lodge and the War of 1812


on Wed, 05/21/2008 - 10:00

These scans show the obverse and reverse sides of a Jewel to be found in the Grand Lodge Museum in New York City. The Jewel is made of silver. The inscription on either side verifies statements made in a letter written by Gates Hoit, in regard to the plundering of the Masonic Lodge Rooms, by the British soldiers during the War of 1812. The only original record of this incident is in this letter, which is now in the possession of his great-great grandson, R.W. Herbert H. McCoy. Gates Hoit was the first Junior Warden of Rainbow Lodge, and he was Secretary of the Lodge at the time of the incident. Rainbow Lodge was the first Lodge in Chateaugay, petitioned in 1809.

The inscription reads as follows:

Rainbow Lodge was plundered by his Britannic Majesties forces at the Four Corners, Febry 5814, and the Jewels, records &c taken into Canada. This Past Master’s Jewel was generously given by the Brethren of Montreal to commemorate their truly, Masonic Conduct, in snatching the Jewels and Carpet from the hands of the profance and restoring them to Rainbow Lodge.

Another version of the story states that the original carpet and jewels weren’t located, but the Montreal Brethren presented Rainbow Lodge with replacements that were an improvement over the original that were stolen by the British.

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